Social Giving

I have an idea about a socially-conscious social network. Here’s the elevator pitch:

It costs >$0 to join the network. However, once you’re in, the money is entirely yours to spend. You can “friend” any charitable institution. By “friending” that institution, you are automatically connected to all the other people who are friends of that institution. This, however, should not be intrusive. It simply means you have visibility and could ostensibly send one of them a note saying, hey you like the American Red Cross, so do i! or something. It’s meant to work exactly like going to a fundraiser - same networking value. The only way to become a friend of one of these orgs, however, is to donate some amount of money to that org.

Basically it takes the social component of the charity circuit and makes it accessible. In addition to raising money, there should probably be opportunities to organize, get out there, and actually do something too…

Anyway, just a thought.