Idea 14 in 2019: Banking App Platform

It’s possible this has been tried. I have a vague memory of it and I did some digging but nothing came up… What if a bank were nothing but an app store. You could plug in all sorts of services, analytics, etc. So instead of having Acorns, Qapital, Trim, Mint, Stash, blah, blah, blah, you have one account, one bank, and the rest is basically software.

Idea 12 in 2019: Mobcast

Do you remember that game where a group of friends sits in a circle, someone starts a story and then passes it to the next person and everyone tells a small part and you see if you can build it into something fun or weird or whatever? Imagine that but on your phone. You could listen to a story told by dozens (or hundreds?) of people and when you get to the end you can add your own thirty seconds. Bad ones would die naturally. “Good” ones would go on… forever?

Idea 10 in 2019: Playdate Beacon

I would like an app where I can put out a beacon if one of my kids wants a playdate. I could quickly scan who else is available, edit the distribution list, and fire off a kind of a bat signal, which would arrive on my kid’s friend’s parent’s phones in the form of a notification.

Idea 6 in 2019: Virtual Bin Diving

I think a lot about music exploration and what we’ve lost by making the listening part easier. I have a lot of ideas about this one. To start: if we can’t have real record stores like we used to, how about virtual record stores? Would it be possible to “see” every recording in every format in a kind of virtual Amoeba?

Idea 3 in 2019: Both Sides

There should be a website that presents opposing views on any topic. All arguments would be made by a thoughtful, articulate, and honest advocate. This is based on a series of books my sister had when I was in High School, which I think was called Taking Sides. I’d love this applied to daily news.

Me and Tendr on Fox 5

This would be my second appearance on Fox 5 local news. The first was in 1997 when they snuck cameras into a party at Northwestern. This one is better.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 2.54.58 PM.png

The Best Shaving Cream I Have Ever Tried

Since I started shaving regularly twenty years ago, I have tried dozens of blade/cream combos. Everything from a $3 can of generic foam to hyper-expensive, made-by-a-dermatologist mousse. Then, last Christmas, my wife bought me a proper shaving brush and a tub of this stuff and it changed my life. Buy this at once. Not only is the shave smooth as silk, the tub lasted me 18 months. You end up using so much less with the brush, it’s incredible. 

So, there. My search is over. I’m sticking with Santa Maria Novella. I urge you to give it a whirl.